Karen Camille Hill Gray, M.A., B.S., a military spouse and mother of four, is a Salon & Spa Owner and a Licensed Cosmetology Instructor who works in the beauty industry. She is very knowledgeable about skin, hair & body care. She truly cares about product ingredients and its uses in skin, hair & body care products. Most importantly, she seeks to avoid the use of toxins & poisons in skin, hair & body care products because they can cause numerous health problems, not revealed or discussed in the beauty industry. Her desire is to only use natural ingredients in all areas of life and reduce the dependence on un-natural products and chemicals, when & where possible. Natural ingredients are of the priority, how they are sourced and used in the skin, hair & body products created by KAREN CAMILLE.

Being informed about product ingredients, their usefulness and/or hazards, has helped Karen Camille to make better choices when selecting skin, hair & body care ingredients, selecting the most natural and beneficial ingredients when possible. She desires to inform and share these incites and offer more holistic alternatives whenever possible.