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KAREN CAMILLE Papaya Enzyme Facial Exfoliator

KAREN CAMILLE Papaya Enzyme Facial Exfoliator

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ALL Skin Types. Offering immediate results, exfoliating is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of our skin using a granular substance. Exfoliating should be done no more than twice weekly. Our Papaya Enzyme Facial Exfoliator is infused with Papain Enzymes, Natural Fruit Extracts & Essential Oils.

Refreshing delicate skin, the special Linked Papain Enzyme incorporated in this formula exfoliates and digests dead skin cells that can clog pores. Essential oils in this creamy polish help eliminate bacteria and refresh the senses.


Papain Enzyme- Papain enzyme is a nutrient rich enzyme found in the papaya fruit. Papain helps remove damage keratin from the skin surface. It can brighten skin by removing dead skin cells on the surface making way for new skin. It has been attributed to decreasing inflammation, soothing skin irritations, reducing acne and blemish prone-skin.

Lactic Acid- Lactic is a Natural Hydrating Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) commonly derived from the fermentation of lactose. It can increase cell turn over producing a more radiant complexion. It is known for smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, making skin look soothe and firmer. It helps to reduce or even-tone the appearance of dark spots. And it helps to nourish and balance the skin, so it doesn’t overproduce oil.

Sugar- Sugar is one of the best natural beauty ingredients to exfoliate our skin. Sugar-based products are mild and help to remove dead skin.


Use twice weekly after cleansing. Place a nickel size amount of exfoliator onto your freshly washed fingertips. Rub your fingertips together. Then gently, massage the exfoliator all over your face. Start on your forehead or cheeks, going in complete circles, while moving upward, outward to the edges of your face. Then apply a small amount of water, lather, continue to massage exfoliator all over face in circles until your entire face is covered with exfoliator. Rinse face to remove impurities. Rinse with a clean, wet towel. Pat dry.

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