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KAREN CAMILLE Retinol Night Creme

KAREN CAMILLE Retinol Night Creme

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For nighttime use only. DO NOT USE WITH RETIN-A OR ACCUTANE.

This unique Retinol encapsulated delivery system provides maximum release with reduced irritation typically associated with retinoid use. Retinol diminishes the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles by stimulating collagen production. Additionally, Retinol stimulates cell regeneration to enhance skin tone and texture, reduces the appearance of discolorations, age spots and occasional blemishes. Start by applying every third night for a week, then every other night for 1 week. If irritation develops, cut back frequency.


Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1 & Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 (Matrixyl 3000®) – Clinical results show a 39% reduction in deep wrinkles, a 32% reduction in main wrinkle density and an increase in lifting effects by 16%.

Daisy Flower Extract (Belides Perennis)– Tested studies with this extract resulted in the reduction of melanin formation, anti- oxidative activity and a significant increase in lightening effects. Results of a comparative study conducted with Daisy Extract and arbutin, used at equivalent polyphenol concentrations, showed that Daisy Extract was twice as active as arbutin.

Licorice Root Extract – A natural antioxidant and brightening ingredient.

Vitamin C (Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate) – Anti-oxidant that helps to fight free radical damage caused by pollution. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory for puffy eyes and redness.

Tocopherol – An anti-oxidant that protects the skin from free radical damage caused by the environment like UV radiation & chemical pollutants as well as certain lifestyle choices like smoking and drinking.

Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate) – Studies have shown that Vitamin A helps increase the skin’s elasticity and normalizes dry parched skin.


Use in the evening, after cleanser, toner, exfoliant or masque, serum, and prior to moisturizer. Place a small amount of Retinol on fingertips. Rub your fingertips together. Then gently, massage the Retinol all over your face. Start on your cheeks or forehead, going in complete circles, while moving upward, outward to the edges of your face. Continue to massage Retinol all over face in circles until your entire face is covered with Retinol. Do Not Rinse.

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